Farzi Times: A WhatsApp forward from Rohit Sharma puts Virat Kohli in trouble

The WhatsApp forward was to Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma | GETTY

A wet outfield at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium played spoilsport as the third T20 was called off. The series was beautifully set up for a thriller shutdown but it didn't go well in Hyderabad on Friday.

After the match was delayed, the ground was inspected three times but despite all efforts from the groundstaff play was not possible.

The visitors and hosts were in the mood for some good battle of bat and ball to find the winner of the series. Though, it didn't happen as they had to share the trophy as series ended up with 1-1.

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The two captains Virat Kohli and David Warner, obviously, weren't pleased with this. They needed a winner. But how? The rain made it tough to expect a game. 

We know Virat and Warner, both have a competitive spirit. They just can't settle without any winner after fighting so hard in this series. So Indian skipper decided to find out the winner, with a famous game, which cannot be interrupted by rain, only your boss, teacher or your mother can delay it and none were here. It is called 'dumb-charades'. They played it in Hotel. 

Who was the winner? Before we found out the winner, Rohit Sharma did something silly to lend Virat some trouble.

Warner who has spent a good amount of time in India and has watched a lot of Bollywood movies, told Jasprit Bumrah a movie name, which was 'PK' and asked Virat to guess it. Bumrah acted like a drunk man so Virat could get it easily that it's PK but he didn't. He answered wrong as time ran out for another attempt. Virat answered, "Wankhede ka Shahrukh? Lekin wo koi movie thodi thi.. Devdas hoga."

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Amid of all this, Rohit was shooting the video and he later forwarded it to Anushka Sharma telling he couldn't guess your movie's name. The game was called off here too and we couldn't get a winner. 

Reports say Anushka has bought a jersey with Ahmad Shahzad's name on it as a birthday gift for Virat, to take revenge for this blasphemy.

Note: The article is just for fun and full of fiction. 

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh - 14 Oct, 2017

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