Farzi Times: Yograj Singh trains Yuvraj Singh for yo-yo test

Yograj Singh has trained Milkha Singh, he claims.

Yograj Singh with Yuvraj Singh.

The ‘Yo-Yo’ test was in the news recently after cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina failed the endurance test, which served as one of the primary reasons for their ouster from the Sri Lanka tour.

Indian team has made Yo-Yo test almost mandatory to get into the team. The Indian team introduced the yo-yo to their fitness testing routine in 2012 during a tour to Sri Lanka. Although the team management in 2009 did introduce beep tests — the yo-yo is an improved version of that same drill.

Yuvraj is struggling to get back in the Indian squad and Yograj Singh can't digest the fact that he has a poor Yo-Yo score.

Yograj is preparing Yuvraj for the Yo-Yo test and has taken it himself to get him into the Indian team. He said  "I want to make Yuvraj fit for the Yo-Yo test. I have started taking care of his diet. I wake up early, so I always tell him to wake up at least one hour before me. He acutally follows it, and wakes up at 12 pm in the noon."

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Yograj said he is fitness consultant of Yuvraj as he has experience of training Milkha Singh to become a fast sprinter. "I have experience of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, if it wasn't me, Farhan Akhtar would have stuck to "Dilo mai apni betabiya leke chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum". I also make Yuvraj Singh run with tires tied around his waist."

Yuvraj too responded to it and said, "Dad is overconcerned about my fitness. He once gave mixed Vim bar in my drink just because they claim it has 10 lemons in it. Thank God harpic doesn't claim it has orange juice in it or I would have been admitted to the hospital by now."

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh - 10 Oct, 2017

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