S Sreesanth tries to slap one of housemates in Bigg Boss

Sreesanth has managed to get attention through the Bigg Boss house.

S Sreesanth

Former cricketer S Sreesanth has been successful in making it to the headlines after entering the Bigg Boss house. Recently, he has made some shocking revelation about the slap-gate which included Harbhajan Singh. Sreesanth said that Harbhajan didn't slap him but he actually hit him. He also added that the reason to cry as he felt hopeless at that time.

This time Sreesanth is in the news after he attempted to slap one of the housemates. A new teaser of the upcoming episode shows the contestants will compete in a new luxury budget task. The episode will also see a major fight between Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti where the former tries to slap Rohit. 

The housemates will be seen competing for the new luxury budget task which is considered very important and most of the fights in last seasons of Bigg Boss has happened during it.

In the task which will be telecasted soon, the contestants had to sit on the bus after picking up a bag. During the task, Sreesanth and Rohit get into a major fight as both claim to have got their hand first on the bus. 

Rohit provokes Sreesanth during the spat and the latter loses his cool and raises his voice as well as hand. However, it is not clear if he tried to slap or just wanted to scare him.

By Sihyeu Singh - 04 Dec, 2018

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