Farzi Times: Virat Kohli thinks Steve Smith helped Dilruwan Perera in DRS Brain-Fade

Smith had faced similar brain-fade earlier this year in India.

Virat Kohli with Steve Smith | GETTY

The Day 4 of 1st Test between India and Sri Lanka saw a controversial incident take place after Dilruwan Perera was caught seeking help from the dressing room on whether to review an LBW decision or not.

Lankan batsman just repeated the same 'Brain Fade' incident which Australian skipper Steve Smith had during Australia's tour to India, which attracted a lot of criticism for the Aussie captain. However, Dilruwan has not faced any problem yet.

But how long? Indian skipper Virat Kohli is already researching about the 'Brain Fade 2".

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The report Farzi Times has collected suggests Virat is taking help of Anup Soni. Soni has learned a lot about this kind of research hosting the show Crime Petrol. 

The main problem for Virat was not to find out the relation between Dilruwan Perera and Steve Smith incident, it was, how to make Anup Soni stand at one place and talk to him about the problem?

Soni initially suggested that Smith worships the 'many face god' of Game of Thrones and he was batting for Sri Lanka disguising himself as Dilruwan, but his guess turned out incorrect as soon as he got to know that Dilruwan Perera had never thought about leaving the tour in the middle.

Seeing Anup Soni struggling in the case, Virat thought about taking help from ACP Pradyuman, but Anup warned him saying, "he has no Idea about cricket. When Rangana Hearth takes wicket or scorers run, he congratulates Ramesh Powar."

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The best thing about Kohli is he never gives up. Even though all the doors were closed and he had no clue that Steve Smith has something to do with Dilruwan DRS brain-fade, Virat didn't give up. His dedication brought him what he wanted.

After a deep research and connecting the small dots, Virat found out that Smith is innocent. In fact, it was Ravi Shastri and Kuldeep Yadav who helped Dilruwan with the DRS making a gesture.

When questioned about it Shastri said, "These allegations are completely false. I agree my gesture was similar to DRS, but I made the 'T' sign with my hand to ask where the 'Talent' is? The 'talent' here is Rohit Sharma, I hope you all know."

Kuldeep Yadav was the other accused guy. When asked why he 'T'ed back to Ravi, Yadav said, "I made a 'T' sign back to Ravi because I was answering his question. I meant Talent is in Toilet."

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Virat wasn't satisfied with the answer and he threatened Ravi Shastri saying, "I hope you know Ravi, lots of 'coaches' are getting derailed in India lately."

Who helped Dilruwan is still a mystery and BCCI will work on it just after they learn to check the weather forecast and how to schedule matches so that they won't get washed out. 

By Sihyeu Singh - 19 Nov, 2017

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