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ICC Clauses Doesnt Find Kohli Gulity Of Any Wrong Doing!

By Nilabh Aole -

Indian test skipper, Virat Kohli has been alleged of ball-tampering by a British tabloid. However, it may not satisfy some specific rules and regulations in the ICC code of conduct about playing conditions.

On Tuesday, a British tabloid has put an allegation on Kohli through a footage in which Kohli seems to be shining the ball with the help of residue from a lolly during the first Test in Rajkot.

However, there the England team management didnt file any official complaint against the Indian skipper and they also denied commenting on the issue.

As per regulations on ball-tampering by ICC, a rival team or its player should file a complaint within five days of the completion of the Test match.

According to ICCs if a player commits a Level 1 Offence or a Level 2 Offence at any time or place (whether on the field of play or otherwise), then the report must be lodged with the Match Referee (or, where, for logistical reasons, it is impractical to lodge with the Match Referee, the ICCs Cricket Operations Department) within five (5) days of the commission of the alleged offence.”

Considering these causes of ICC, there are very few chances the Kohli will be guilty as per the media reports surrounding the incident.

Nilabh Aole

I am genuine cricket fan, who respect the game as well