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When Virender Sehwag stopped the game for his obsession for songs

By Rashmi Nanda -

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag is the only player, who stopped a match because he couldnt remember the lyrics of a song! Yes, when he was about to smash his second triple century against South Africa during a Test at Chennai in April 2008 that time he was done.

On Wednesday, Sehwag recalled an unforgettable moment from his cricketing career at the launching the second season of the Goregaon Sports Clubs premier league.

Sehwag said, Once when I was batting in Chennai on 300, I forgot the lyrics of a song. So I called Ishant Sharma, who was the 12th man for that game, to the field and told him to get the lyrics of the song from my iPod, and he did that. Obviously, everyone thought that I had asked for ‘drinks from Ishant, but sometimes, the 12th man can be used in this way too! The song was ‘Tu Jane Na.”

When asked Viru what would be the song on your lips while facing Shoaib Akhtar? He instantly replied, Aa dekhen zara, kismein kitna hai dum.”

The legendary batsman revealed about why his peculiar habit of singing while batting, Before facing a ball, I used to keep thinking about whether to hit the ball for a four or a six. To avoid thinking too much, and maintain my concentration, I started singing.”

If English great all-rounder Ian Botham believes that the best way to deal with your mother-in-law was to send her to Pakistan, Sehwag has a better solution.

He said on the matter, Theres no point in arguing with them. Treat them like I would treat fast bowlers. I realized that theres no point in ‘sledding them. Once, when Ian Flintoff was bowling bouncers to me in India, I promised him that if he didnt do that, I would take him to a place where you get good curry in the evening. It worked.”

Sehwag said about his point of view on the much disputable demonetisation drive, which initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I believe that a bachelor brings about a change, while a married man brings vegetable home, or takes the dog for a walk.”

Viru said about his married life and claimed that he is also following the same mantra which he stuck to as a batsman during his playing days. Sehwag said, I would never argue with the umpire because he could give me out anytime. Similarly, I would never argue with my wife. An umpire would still forget what happened, but your wife would remember what exactly did you say when you fought with her.”

However, Viru loved to fool around with the umpires. He said, Looking at David Shepherds big tummy, I once asked him how heavily pregnant it was. He kept laughing throughout the day. On another occasion, I asked Steve Bucknor, who had given a few wrong decisions, his age. When he told me it was 55, I told him that it was time for him to retire.”

When Sehwag spoke about what spurred him to launch a world-class school, named after him, near Delhi that only time he appeared a little emotional. He said, Every day, I used to travel in a bus for two-and-a-half hours to go for my practice and then take the same time to come back. My dad told me ‘beta, when you become successful someday, open a school-cum-academy for kids who dont have the privilege to play with all the facilities, where they can stay too. So, it was my fathers dream that some day, I start an academy for kids with all the facilities and I feel proud that I could complete my fathers dream.”

Sehwag has just one advice to his sons, who have just started playing cricket, Instead of spending time in front of the TV or your phone, do ‘shadow practice in front of the mirror. Youve to keep working hard, is all I would tell all the kids.”

Sehwag is the one person, who born to entertain his fans with his bat during his playing days and now he entertain us with his commentary and hilarious jokes. He is the only Indian batsman to score two triple hundreds, who clearly said that these days commentary was his new passion. The explosive batting great added, Ive started to love speaking on the mic. Its become a passion. I love to crack a few jokes and one-liners while I commentate.”