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It's not right time to decide on captaincy: Alastair Cook

By Rashmi Nanda -

England captain Alastair Cook said that he did not want to make any stupid decision on his Test captaincy in the wake of series defeat against India.

After losing the five-match series with 4-0 by India on Tuesday, Alastair Cook said, "I've got to go away and do some thinking. This is not the right time to make decisions as big as that. I need to go home first enjoy Christmas as much as I can do and then come back in January and look to plan with Straussy and see what's the right decision for English cricket," 

The skipper added, "I've got to go away and decide whether I am the right man to take England forward. It's the wrong time to make those decisions as energy is low and you can make foolish decisions."

He said he wishes to come up with a reasonable conclusion and he has the comfort of time to do that. He added, "When there's not a Test match for seven months it'd seem very foolish to stand here now and make a decision which either you regret or don't. If there was a Test match in three weeks time you'd have to think. But while there is a bit of space why not use it?" 

The English skipper stated that it was very difficult for them to deal with this defeat on Indian soil. Cook added, "It's been a tough tour. When you lose games of cricket it becomes very hard and it can be quite a lonely place. You've got to give credit to India. They've played some good cricket on the way. We knew it would be a pressure day today and at some stage, we would lose a wicket in clusters. We weren't good enough or skillful enough as players to stop that momentum. So, yes, it's tough."

Cook said that they were not able to put pressure on India for long periods. He said, “We've had some good moments as well, it's not all doom and gloom. I can't fault the effort in the dressing-room. We've stayed together as a team. Naturally, when things go badly, things can break up. But the guys have been brilliant in committing to the cause. We just haven't been good enough to put India under pressure for long periods,"

Cook told media they were not enough for the Indian conditions, "The momentum is very hard to stop when a side gets going like that with the crowd and everything. You need to play bloody well to withhold that pressure. We weren't good enough to cope. I'm gutted for the lads, it would have been great to escape with a draw but ultimately we weren't good enough.”

He added, "Blood sweat and tears went into this tour but the bottom line is we weren't good enough to compete with India and that's hard to take."

Cook said on his team’s performance at sub-continent, "I think everyone can see we are suited to playing in seaming conditions. These conditions have tested us to our limits and I really don't want to be disrespectful to Mo (Moeen Ali) and Adil (Rashid) but they are not as good as Ashwin and Jadeja yet. They haven't quite got the control and consistency, certainly in the first innings when there's not much happening.”

English skipper added, "Mo has done an amazing job for us over a long period in terms of becoming England's No1 spinner. He's two wickets away from 100 so he's done amazing things and will only get better and better. Without being disrespectful, without two world-class spinners, winning in these conditions is going to be hard."

Cook said that he has overall good record against left-arm spin but this time he failed to handle India's left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja’s attack.

He said, "I have a good overall record against left-arm spin. My stats have taken a bit of a dent in the last six weeks and yep, I found him hard work. It's a strange thing for me and credit to him. He's found a weakness there and was relentless. I wasn't good enough to cope with it."

Cook said that this year has been a frustrating year for them. The skipper said on this, "We played some good cricket at times and sometimes pretty average. We haven't been very good when we've been behind in games. Finding a way to survive in tricky situations. But when we've been in front we've dominated. It's been a frustrating year and to lose that many times with the players we've got is disappointing," 

Alastair said that the hosts are the better team than them and they deserved to win. He said, "No excuses, India were the better team and deserved to win. It was a very good fifth-day wicket. We got ourselves in a good position at lunch but it wasn't enough to get out. We dropped vital chances and India have been punishing us -- it's hard to stop the momentum,"

The English skipper credited Virat Kohli for their loss, said, "Credit to Virat, they've outplayed us. Hard to say as a professional but they've been better."

Cook added, "It's a series of missed opportunities and dropped catches have cost us. Not being able to score enough runs and take enough wickets. It's a tough dressing room to be in, we tried as hard as we could but wasn't good enough. Same for both sides, but momentum can go with you. It's a tough place to come to."