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Ravi Ashwin’s wife delivers ‘carrom baby,’ delays announcement by five days

By Sahil Mehan -

Ravi Ashwin who is having a fantastic Year, ended 2016 on an even more fantastic note, he won many awards including ICC Test Cricketer of the Year and ICC Cricketer of the Year while towards the end of the year, Ashwin made into headlines for the good and the bad reasons as there were rumors of him having a rift with MS Dhoni, which he squashed later. 

While Ashwin was busy with all the spotlight, his wife, Prithi Ashwin ‘held back’ their greatest joy, as they became parents for the second time. Prithi gave birth to baby girl on December 21, the very next day after India's massive victory at Chennai against England.

In June, last Year, 2015, Mr and Mrs Ashwin became parents for the first time, giving birth to a bonny girl. But a question arises why Prithi held back and didn't announce the arrival of second baby to the world? Well like a great team captain, Prithi Ashwin didn’t want the spotlight to shift from her husband’s brilliant exploits. All we can say is Well Done Prithi, you let superstar off-spinner grab all the attention as ‘baby’ Ashwin waited for her moment 

Sahil Mehan

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