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Stuart Broad doesn't rate Virat Kohli as the best batsman in the world

By Saurabh Malhotra -
England seamer Stuart Broad, who is one of the leading wicket-takers among fast bowlers in the history of Test cricket, has revealed the name of who he thinks is the best batsman in the world, and it's not Steve Smith or Virat Kohli, but according to him it's his team-mate Joe Root.

Broad said while all three are wonderful players, Joe Root is a tad ahead in his book, "I’d say Joe Root, but just because I’ve played a huge amount of cricket with him. I know that he makes runs in a lot of conditions, pretty much all conditions, and he has scored runs at really big times for us as an England team. “I think when you’ve played closely with someone for that long period of time, you see a lot of their strengths. He, in my mind, is built up to be the best player I’ve seen because I see him every day." Broad told cricket.com.au

Broad also highlighted a weakness in Virat Kohli's batting that he thinks can be exploited, while praising his hunger for runs, "One thing about Virat, the only dismissal you feel in the game with is a nick. He’s so strong off the pads and he doesn’t really get bowled a huge amount. In the conditions, we played there, his hunger for runs was just spectacular."

"The likes of Steven Smith and Joe Root, they have this consistency of every time they go out to bat they’re just desperate to score big runs and that makes them the top of the tree — that makes them the best players in the world.” Broad concluded.