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Mark Nicholas rushed to hospital for the second time

By Saurabh Malhotra -

Renowned cricket commentator Mark Nicholas was taken to the hospital by medical staff on Wednesday, second time in three days due to abdominal pains. He had returned to work on Wednesday after being taken to the hospital on the first day of the second Test between Pakistan and Australia at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

Nicholas was said to be sweating profusely as he was carried out of the commentary box on Monday. He was later released from the hospital and was said to be fine later in the day.

After resting on Tuesday, he returned to work on Wednesday morning but during the final session of the day, he felt the pain once again and was taken to local Epqorth Hospital by medical staff. According to a Cricket Australia report: "Nicholas was conscious but in some pain and Channel Nine are expected to release a statement on his condition shortly."