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My job is to go and give my best for whatever team I play for: Gambhir

By Saurabh Malhotra -

Gautam Gambhir has lauded Team India for achieving the top rank in ICC Test Rankings, but says the true test of this team will be when they go overseas. Gambhir played in the first match of the recent Test series against England, which India won 4-0, but was dropped for regular opener KL Rahul as he recovered from his hamstring injury.

"Yes at the moment we deserve to be No.1 the way we are playing but obviously to keep that spot for a very long time we have to start playing well overseas. We were the No.1 side under Gary Kirsten as well but we couldn't maintain it because obviously we were playing well at home but could not do that going abroad, so hopefully this team can do it once they go abroad," Gambhir said in a chat with India Today

"When you are playing at home then you are favourites no matter which team you play against. Every Indian captain and every team has done well while playing at home and our biggest challenge remains how we do overseas and hopefully this team can do well overseas," he added.

Gambhir is now looking forward to IPL 2017 where he wants to lead the team to a 3rd title, he said, "I have always believed that platforms do not matter, my job is to go and give my best for whatever team I play for and try and win a game of cricket for them and that is all that matters and that is what I have always played for. I think IPL this year is going to be a great opportunity for us and hopefully we can try and win it one more time and become the most successful side",

Gambhir once again didn't fail to mention his admiration and respect for the Indian Army, "I have always been inspired by army men because I feel in our country the most selfless people work for the Army or the defence forces. Everyone gets good pay or contracts but ultimately look at the people in defence forces who guard our borders selflessly, they are the real heroes. Cricketers, Bollywood actors or even politicians should not be made heroes, instead we should treat those who guard our county selflessly as heroes", he concluded.