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Ganguly recalling his Stay at the Durham’s Lumley Castle

By Pooja Soni -


Team India’s Former captain Sourav Ganguly will undeniably go down as one of the greatest ever captains India has fashioned and the Natwest Trophy victory in 2002 and Ganguly famous shirt waving celebrations at the iconic Lord’s balcony subsequent the historic win will continue a best part of his glittering and memorable career.

There was a little history at the back Ganguly’s celebrations. While lots of criticised him for his superfluous gestures, Ganguly just knew what he was doing. A couple of months before the exacting match Andrew Flintoff had taken off his shirt at the Wankhede Stadium after England had won the final match of the 6-match ODI series in India to level the series 3-3.

Though, regardless of the historic success by Indian Cricket Team, Ganguly’s call in England hasn’t been excellent always. The smart southpaw recounted one of the most scariest familiarity in his life in the book titled ‘Beefy’s Cricket Tales”.

Recalling the happening Ganguly writes, “We were up in Durham for a match at Chester-le-Street and were being looked after at Lumley Castle, a beautiful hotel that overlooks the ground. As a captain, I was taken up to my suite and I must say it was a magnificent room with everything you could want. We finished training for the day, with the match due to be played the following morning, and I went back to my room before heading out for dinner. When I returned, I closed the curtains and switched off all the lights and climbed into bed.”

“I got up, switched on the lights and went to turn off the water. The taps were already off. I thought I must have dreamt it or heard it from another room. I went back to bed, making sure everything was turned off and the place was quiet, then fell back asleep.”

Even though that Ganguly was awoken again within half an hour again due to the same sound of running water. Ganguly checked the washrooms personally and consequently was uncertain what was going on. He resolute to keep the lights on. “I decided to keep the lights on, to see if I could sleep that way, but I couldn’t- I just lay awake, listening to the silence of Durham”, Ganguly wrote.

“I jumped out of bed and ran out… I was terrified. I went to Robin Singh’s room, knocked on his door and asked if I could come in and stay in his room. I was the captain, so I couldn’t tell him I was scared and was worried about the ghosts, could I? I told him the floor would be fine and he was very kind to let me stay.”

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly never stayed in Lumley Castle once more but was pleased after hearing that the West Indies team in 2004 and the Australian team in 2005 had faced related issued during their trip.