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ICC announced new rules for the International cricket

ICC felt that bowlers were getting hammered too much and these rules will aid them.

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced new rules. If you are a cricket addict you should definitely know these rules to understand the game better. These new set of rules are different from the rules MCC confirmed earlier this year. 

In March, MCC confirmed a new Code of Laws to be introduced in October 2017, with the thickness of bats to be restricted in a bid to "readdress the balance between bat and ball" in cricket. The new maximum permitted dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges. 

A bat gauge will be used to ensure the new limits are enforced in professional matches; while there will be a "moratorium period" for amateur cricketers, who will be allowed to continue wielding their existing blades that are in breach of the new rules. 

The new rules from ICC are as following: 

1. One tip one hand dismissal for batsmen like Smith, Kohli, ABD, Joe Root and Williamson.

2. If Batsmen like Chris Gayle survives for more than 10 overs, they will have to play one ball in every over with one eye closed.

3. Good sledges to be rewarded with Harbhajan award and those who suffered with it will get Sreesanth award. Only Matthew Wade will be allowed to sledge in Hindi. 

4. Whoever hits the ball on top tier of the stadium will go and bring the ball back. Also if ball is lost, 5 runs will be deducted and Batsman will be given out. Also he will give money for the new ball.  

5. Whoever owns maximum bats in the team will be the captain of the team only for the toss. However, for Indian Cricket Team, Dhoni will take the final call who will be the captain for the Toss. 

6. If anyone gets an urgent call from their mom, some other guy from his team will bat but with a condition of opposite of his natural batting style. For Example if MS Dhoni gets an urgent call, and Virat is to bat, he will need to bat left handed.  

7. Whoever bowled the first over won’t get opening batting and vice-versa.

8. Gutkha wrapper will be used for toss. If no Wrapper is available referee can call Shikhar Dhawan and ask for one.  

9. Batsmen should not be allowed to bat by covering all three stumps. He will be warned twice, however, Steve Smith will be allowed since he suffers lot of 'Brain Fades'. 

10. Wicket-Keeper can only get someone stumped or run-out by throwing underarm, as MS Dhoni has left no chance for the batsman to recover, ICC feels this rule was must. 

All the above rules are taken into consideration after ICC witnessed Kids from the Asian countries playing on the street. All the rules are not fictional. Also if you absue the Author of this Article ICC can ban your favorite Cricketer and Team from participating in IPL and ICC event.