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'Universal Boss' Chris Gayle talks about T20 cricket and his lifestyle

Chris Gayle is known as the coolest and most charismatic cricketer on T20 circuit.

By Jatin Sharma -

Whenever T20 cricket is mentioned, the first name that comes to the mind is of a tall West Indian batsman hitting the ball out of the ground with ridiculous ease. That batsman is Chris Gayle, and he is easily what Sir Don Bradman was to Test cricket and what Sachin Tendulkar was to One-Day cricket.

Gayle is known not only for his ferocious batting displays, but also for his luxurious and over the top life style. His house includes many swimming pools, late-night parties and the man clearly loves showing off his hard earned riches. Gayle recently talked to Hindustan Times in an interview and we bring to you some excerpts from it.

Gayle is just 63 runs short of becoming the first man ever to make 10,000 runs in all T20 cricket and Gayle said that he grew with the game; he continued to learn as he played more and more T20 cricket all around the world. Gayle explained,” I am known for big-hitting, but since the T20s came in, my God, it has changed the entire script of cricket, which is fantastic. As an individual, it has made a lot of changes as well (to batting). I am thankful for it.

On being compared to Sir Don Bradman, Gayle laughed and said,” I am the Chris Gayle of cricket, the king, the universal boss of T20 cricket. I will be my own man in T20 cricket.

Gayle also praised his RCB captain Virat Kohli’s aggression, passion and the way he changed his game to incorporate the big hitting style. Gayle said that Kohli might very well become the first man to make 1,000 runs in a single IPL season, a landmark he missed in IPL 2016.

One being reminded of the IPL 2016 finals loss to Sunrisers, Gayle said,” When you look at the scenario (the team was in) and to pull through to reach the final, it was a great achievement. We were disappointed not to win, but we were also thankful to make it to the final. We are up against the same team (Sunrisers Hyderabad) in the opening match, so we can get our revenge and also go one-up on them.

Chris Gayle has played in every T20 league in the world and has scored centuries in all of them. He holds the record for most centuries (18), most fifties (60), most sixes (732) and most fours (759) in T20 format and is miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to pure numbers.

Gayle also termed IPL as the number one league in the world and feels that every cricketer and fan will agree with his views. He said that it was because IPL provided a platform for all the international players of high caliber to test themselves out against each other without the constraints of nationality. He did add that the big paycheck was a good incentive.

The interview ended with Gayle sharing his views on the recent innovation of helmet cams in IPL. Gayle said,” It helps the viewers get a different view of the bowler running in and that sort of things. It just gives the fans a different feel. That’s T20 cricket where you will always have different means to provide more entertainment.”

Jatin Sharma

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