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Some of the crucial decisions taken during ICC's three-day board meeting

By Nilabh Aole -

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) has organized three-day meeting of their board members in Dubai to talk about some important issues and making decisions. The discussions and decisions taken in the meeting are listed below.

ICC has decided to implement some new plans to prioritize all the three formats, they are:

⦁ The top nine test teams will be playing a two-year test league while the remaining test playing nations will get a definite schedule of Test matches against all other teams.

⦁ For the qualification of 2023 World Cup, a 13-team ODI league will happen for a period of three years.

⦁ The structure of the regional T20 leagues will be monitored in order to decide the balance of the teams qualified for the ICC World T20.

The board has also taken some crucial decisions over the implementation of DRS and the playing conditions as well, they are:

⦁ ICC’s Chief Executives’ Committee has given an approval of implementing DRS consistently across all the three formats not just in ICC tournaments. It will finally get approved in June-2017 as it needs to roll-out in October-2017 but before all that it will be monitored till May-2017. 

⦁ Decisions over the playing conditions in the Champions Trophy and Women’s World Cup has also been taken as the result of the tied match in the semi-finals and the finals would be decided by a super over.

The decisions of over the financial and the governance model are listed below:

⦁ The financial distribution model in order to cut down the financial discriminations created by the Big Three of 2014 and now revenues will be distributed more equally to the smaller boards as well.

⦁ The system of an Affiliate level of Membership has been removed as now there will be only two members in the ICC - Full Member and Associate Member.

⦁ An independent female director will also be appointed.

⦁ All the Board members will be selected by voting system in order to have equal value regardless of Membership status.

⦁ It will be a mandate for all the board members to attend the AGM.

Some other crucial decisions taken during the meeting are listed below:

⦁ The Ahmad Shah Abdali Regional 4-day Tournament of Afghanistan has got the first class status whereas list A status has been awarded to the Shpageeza T20 League.

⦁ Women's World T20 will take place between February 21 to March 8 in Australia.

⦁ The ICC management has been allowed to amend the Anti-Corruption Code to allow the use of cell-phone data extraction equipment by the ICC executive committee.

⦁ If a venue fails to meet the standards of hosting an international match then it will be accumulated demerit points (each point will remain active for five years once received) and after receiving five such points, the venue will be barred to host a match for a period of a year.

⦁ ICC Medical Advisory Committee will be introduced, as that panel will consider and advise on sports medicine and sports science issues.

⦁ ICC has welcomed the BCCI representative Vikram Limaye, as a new director to the ICC.   

Nilabh Aole

I am genuine cricket fan, who respect the game as well