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Best of S Sreesanth

By Sahil Mehan -

Aggression, pace and the ability to get under a batsman's skin is the kind of stuff, a fast bowler is made up of and the birthday boy is no different. In fact, his his lack of control over his aggression and temperament might have cost him somewhere but thats one story for another day. Its a day where we would leave his vices to him and just celebrate the fast bowling talent he was. He was often involved in hostile conversations on the field but whenever he let the ball do the talking, he would spit fire with his swing and accuracy. A captain's bowler, he had a knack of picking up wickets when needed most. Here are some samples of his deadly deliveries,

Top 3:

1. Brutal Bouncer to Kallis

If you can trap and fox one the all time greatest batsman, you were born to be in international arena. The pride of Kerala alway knew how to extract the best out the conditions and on a nice hard SA wicket he brought out one the deadliest weapons a fast bowlers has, bouncer and executed it to perfection. A fiery bouncer directed to Kallis's body and he could do nothing about it but get glove on it only for the ball to end up in Sehwag's hands. 

2. Unplayable short ball to Lara Targeting another great of the same era, Sreesanth yet again finds the only way you can get the great batsman out. Batsman like Lara put a high price on their wicket, they dont give away their wicket easily, you have to earn it and earn he did with this vicious short ball directed at the West Indian legend to which he had no answer to. 3. Stumps rattling deliveries World T20 2007 semi final, India had posted a decent score for Australia to chase but given the destruction capability then Aussie openers Hayden and Gilchrist held, they could have made a meal out of this chase. It needed a special effort to uproot them and Sree provided the same and that too in style. First Gilly saw his stump flying in the initial stages of the game and when Hayden threatened to take the game way from India back came the Kerala Express and delivered what his captain expected, and Dhoni saw the sweet sight of Hayden's stmp being uprooted from the best view possible. Sreesanth is aiming a comeback has recieved half nods from some members of the board despite the allegations. There are a few talents in the game who shined at the international level but failed to do justice to their potential, Fans did accept Amir post the England incident, and Sree could carry the same hopes as the game needs the talent and showmanship of Sree.

Sahil Mehan

Cricket, Music and Travel. Did I mention I am an Engine