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"Why has ball not changed over the years? - Shane Warne

By Rashmi Nanda -

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne recommend a few changes which are needed to be brought into the game for more balance and interest, which includes a change in cricket balls, scrapping of fielding restrictions in one-day matches and restricting to a number of bowlers to four in T20 games.

Legendary leg-spinner rued the fact that the ball has remained unchanged while all the changes that have happened with the bat or the field till now.

At the inaugural Sports literature themed festival 'SporTale', Warne said, "The ball we bowl with is still the same as it was 100 years ago. Size and seam, and while bats became bigger and heavier, boundaries brought closer and fielding restrictions introduced but the ball is still the same as it was."

The former Aussie leg-spinner further added, "Why has ball not changed over the years? The ball manufacturers should do something with the ball. Maybe put some swing into the ball."

Warne said that the grounds should be made big and boundaries must become long. And the most important thing is that the ODI cricket should do away with fielding restrictions for making more interesting.

He further said, "Leave it to the bowling side captain to decide where to put his fielders. Let him have all the nine fielders on the boundary. Rules should not restrict who stands where."

Warne said about T20 cricket, "In a T20 game, there should be just four bowlers bowling four overs each. We should have better quality bowlers rather than part-timers bowling absolute rubbish."

The legendary bowler is currently in India as a part of Australian Commentary team for India-Australia Test Series, who said that there is only Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who makes him notice among the current batsmen as well he considered him the best batsman in the world currently.

"No Joe Root and no AB de Villiers. It's only Virat Kohli who makes me take notice."

He said on the ongoing India-Australia Test Series, "I don't agree with what some of the pundits of the game have made forecast. The series will be a lot more tighter than what many think. Australia has some amazing players and you just wait and see as the series progresses."

Warne also advises his home team, "Australia's mindset in this series is to attack. We are going to take it to India. It will be interesting to see what they do even as India definitely are favorites."

Warne said that it will be pretty interesting to see how R Ashwin and Steve Smith rivalry would shape up during the ongoing four-match IND-AUS Test series as Ashwin will play under Smith in the IPL.

He stated on this, "Smith is going to be his captain in the upcoming IPL so we have to see how he approaches this Test series because I seriously believe that IPL has broken down the barriers, which used to be there maybe 10 years ago."

As we all know that Warne is a supporter of the Test cricket, who urged the International Cricket Council to market the longest format of the game properly.

The Aussie concluded, "If we don't market Test cricket properly it is not going to be there because the Rock-and-roll cricket, the T20 cricket, will take over in some years."