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Ashwin responds to Prasanna's advice

By Aditya Pratap Arya -

ICC Cricketer of the Year Ravichandran Ashwin is going through a dream like period. He is getting praises from everyone around the world, some are even claiming him as the ‘Best Spinner in the World’. However Indian great Erapalli Prasanna has a piece of advice for the World No. 1 Test bowler. He said “Ashwin should give flight more often.”

He further added, “There is no doubt that Ashwin is the best striker bowler we have. He is the best spinner in the world nowBut watching him, the batsmen will easily know that he is going to bowl that delivery. From his action you can easily find out that he is going to bowl that one.”

Ash, who is very active on social media read this advice via Twitter and replied in a way that leaves a lot to the imagination. He replied the tweet and wrote “Ok”. Take a look:

Aditya Pratap Arya

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