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Virender Sehwag won the internet, but this time not because of his humor

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

People follow Sehwag on social networking sites for his amazing sense of humor, and he never disappoints his fans too. He keeps his followers engaged with chat sessions and funny tweets. But this time Sehwag came up with a tweet that is completely out of his league, yes a serious tweet which made us feel proud on our Soldiers (we already are, but it doubles the respect for them).

The tweet grabbed a lot of attention and without any doubt people loved it. They loved that their idol, their favorite cricket star spreading an unfeigned love about the soldiers with his tweet. Sehwag does this occasionally, he often tweet something completely out of the cricket arena to draw people's attention on a serious matter. Recently he asked government to look after our ICE-HOCKEY team who didn't make it to the main tournament because of lack of fund. 

Talking about the latest tweet, he tweeted a photo with some amazing lines on soldiers that can inspire you to serve your nation as a soldier. One of the lines goes like this "A Soldier is not a title any man can be hired to do", you can read more in his tweet below. He captioned the picture with "Celebrating and acknowledging our soldiers doesn't need an occasion. #IndianArmy simply the best. Jai Ho !"

Sihyeu Prakash Singh

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