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Finally, Harsha Bhogle shares his opinion on MS Dhoni's decision

By Rashmi Nanda -
There have been many people’s including cricket experts, legendary cricketer’s, fans, Indian player’s as well international player’s, who shared their personal thoughts on the decision of Mahendra Singh Dhoni to step down from limited over’s captaincy.

As everyone shared their opinions on Dhoni’s decision, in such situation the famous Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle how could be left behind from this? 

While the decision was announced, Bhogle wrote on his twitter handle, “All things considered, though, Dhoni has taken the right decision. Over the last year, this had become Kohli’s team,”

After that, the commentator took to Facebook to share an old article, which he had written when Dhoni had retired from Test captaincy in 2014.

On Thursday, Harsha wrote, “An article I wrote when Dhoni retired from test cricket. Relevant still!” 

The commentator shares a story in reference to how he had with the cricketer during which he washed his plate and even volunteered to do it for others in the article. 

He also mentions the time in the article when the Indian team win the first world T20 cup under the captaincy of Dhoni but permitted it to be “Sachin Tendulkar’s moment” even if it was “his evening”.

Harsh also wrote, “The sign of a confident man. He made a statement by not being there. I don’t know if that is cool today but he rose in my eyes. I tell the story because it helps us understand the person and therefore, what he has just done,”

He remembered saying to a colleague, “I won’t be surprised if he just walks away from the game and never comes back,”