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It was great playing under Dhoni: Varun Aaron

By Nilabh Aole -

Very few people have got the opportunity to play under the captaincy of  MS Dhoni in recent times. Considering last 284 international clashes, Dhoni hasn't played under any other captain. However, Varun Aaron being the lucky guy under whom Dhoni had played for Jharkhand in the 2015-16 edition of Vijay Hazare Trophy quarterfinals.

Talking to cricbuzz, Aaron said, "It was weird because I have always played under him. I told him that it would be nice if he could captain. But, he was like, 'You know the side better, you have been captaining this side for a while.' I think, he had a point, he didn't know most of the guys."

Aaron also revealed that despite being just a player, Dhoni shared some of his valuable inputs for the team, he said, "There was an exchange of ideas and I guess that happens when you have a senior player in the side, and it was great to have him around."

However, Aaron was quite shocked after Dhoni's decision of giving up the captaincy, he expressed, "He was a great captain, backed all the youngsters. Not just the youngsters but backed everybody in the team. I never felt there was a moment when I didn't have the captain's confidence, no matter what it was. It was great playing under him, I was actually very lucky I would say."

India's former left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha was also surprised by Dhoni's decision, he said, "This (news) is something like I don't know how to react, I am really numb to recollect anything immediately. Now that suddenly he has announced, I am sure he would have thought it out well, maybe to focus more on his own game."

He further added, "As far as stepping down is concerned, I think he is a very sensible man and he knows what's best for him, and what's best for the team. Whatever decision he has taken, he must have really thought. As a young guy, everybody has a dream of making his debut for the country, that is special, and it's all the more special to have made it under him."

Talking about Dhoni's captaincy, Ojha said: "The fact that he was a wicketkeeper and a captain at the same time, it worked very well for a bowler. He could think for a bowler, he used to watch the batsman so very closely and often had a proper view of the entire proceedings. That often helped me while bowling."

Aaron and Ojha concluded by praising Dhoni's captaincy tenure, they said, "He's been an amazing captain. The way he had led the team has been pretty amazing. He's improved me as a player, given me confidence."

Nilabh Aole

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