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Shahid Afridi said Pakistan players should aim to surpass Virat Kohli

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani all-rounder is not happy with the team management. He blamed the continuous change and inappropriate practice pitches for Pakistan's poor form.

He said, “I am not surprised that Pakistan played like this. If you play your domestic cricket on such pitches, you can win in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but not in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Our team is not bad. This team will have to be developed. If in every series we make changes I don’t think the desired performance will be achieved,” Afridi said here at a special gathering organised by Jang Group of Companies here on Friday. “We will have to give confidence to the players,” he added.

Pakistan’s pathetic performance in the series against Australia has not surprised Afridi. However, he is not disappointed with the available talent. “I think the things will improve. Players are coming. But it is not the kind of talent which would come in the past. It is all about approach. Our players are content with competitions among themselves. They should aim to surpass world-class players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers,” he said.

Shahid Afridi concluded saying, "Even today I still consider myself a better player than many others,"

My Take: Yes we know Afridi, you are better than others if right handed bowlers bowl with their left hand and fielders turn into zombie. 

Sihyeu Prakash Singh

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