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We have to respect Dhoni's decision: Ravichandran Ashwin

By Nilabh Aole -

On Friday, India's flamboyant all-rounder, Ravichandran Ashwin shared his thoughts on MS Dhoni's illustrious career as a leader. He also acknowledged that a bunch of leadership skills can be learned from Dhoni. He also praised Virat Kohli, who will be captaining the Indian side in the limited overs cricket as well by saying that Virat is no less a player and in the right phase to take over.

Taking to reporters, Ashwin said, "I think he (Dhoni) is going to be available as a player, his career was wonderful and illustrious. As a captain, there are a lot of leadership lessons from Dhoni for even big leaders out there. if you ask if anyone could match or deliver his (Dhoni) level of achievement, it is going to be a herculean task, definitely, it is not going to be easy."

Speaking of his performance under Kohli's leadership, Ashwin said, "It is going to be an exciting phase, it's all about working out together hard and testing times...he is someone who looks out for suggestions."

He further added, "It is a wrong question to ask if someone will come to go forward (after Dhoni). Somebody will come. Virat Kohli is no less if you look at his last one year's Test performances. He is in the right phase to take over. Only looking at it, I am sure, MS has thought to pass the baton on to Kohli."

Ashwin also expressed his views on Dhoni's decision to step down as skipper, he said, "It is an individual decision. I do not know if there is any use I am talking about it. It is a professional world, I cannot give any suggestions. I think we are getting into an emotional battle, it is an individual call, I think, we have to respect it (Dhoni's decision), it is my way of showing respect to him."

He further elaborated, "After Ganguly, it was also felt no one else like him could come up, and these are natural and emotional, especially India is an emotional country, it is bound to happen when you have illustrious people leaving the game."

Ashwin concluded by talking about his award as the ICC's Player of the Year, he said, "In 2016, I wanted to be the most valuable player in the team, make sure that I was decisive that team wins and that was the only goal I had."

Nilabh Aole

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