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Dhoni-Yuvi Duo is back!

By Ankush Bhatia -

Cricket even though a team game often melts down to individual or partnerships, be it bowling or batting. In a test match, you often see one or two big partnerships controlling the match and in ODIs just one good partnership can change the course of the game.

One such duo who would do that on regular basis in their prime were, Dhoni and Yuvraj. Both the batsman play the same brand of cricket and thus have a good understanding of each other. If a cricket match was a rally, than sure this driver navigator duo would have won many titles. Dhoni’s cricketing sense mixed with Yuvi’s controlled aggression has won India many matches.

It all started somewhere during late 2005 and early 2006 when Dhoni had settled into international cricket, sometime after his epic 183 against Sri Lanka, when India toured Pakistan. The series saw probably who the world’s best run chasers were at that point in time. Dhoni and Yuvraj won India games after games, battling through different situations and India knew they had found a reliable pair and thus allowing other batsmen to express themselves freely.

From 2006 to 2011, this duo made many useful contributions and the fans would often just sit back and enjoy watching their time at the crease, the nail biting moments had security to it. Even though Yuvraj came in late in the WC 2011 final, but the moment when Dhoni finished it, he would have wanted to hug anyone but his warrior in chief, man of the series, Yuvraj Singh. The duo was visibly making a difference on the field but off it, they started their journey towards the great Indian dream of a World Cup, together during the 2007 World Cup. Yuvraj’s fitness has kept him wandering in and out of the team since and now the duo will be back in the upcoming series when England come down to play India in the ODI series.

In cricket, we would often hear about several opening partnerships but whenever one would talk about middle order partnership, Dhoni and Yuvraj shall be the start to that conversation.