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'Non-cooperation Movement' has begun as the BCCI top-brass has been expelled

By Rashmi Nanda -
After the order by the Supreme Court, the Board of Control for Cricket in India and their top brass have apparently started their non-cooperation movement. 

A report from the Indian Express said that they are trying every means to produce troubles for the hosting of cricket matches in the country. 
However, this has not worked in the short-term as of yet since the two practice matches at the CCI are expected to go ahead.

Though, in so far as BCCI CEO Rahul Johri is worried, it is a case of playing the first two matches in front of void throngs. 

Even though they are just practice matches, the fact of the matter remains that this would prove to be an excellent income producer for the Indian cricket Board given the ticket sales with crowd engagement activities too.

According to the media reporters, the Mumbai police have stated Rs. 60 Lakh for the force that will be positioned over the two days of the encounter, something that is a bit as well steep for the Board at present. 

A source close to the board stated about the same matter, “The police informed us that they expect more than 15,000 fans to attend the match and as a result, they’ll have to employ more police personnel than usual. Hence the demand for a higher amount,” 

RI Palani, joint secretary of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association also went on to write that the games had to still be organized. 

Palani told The Indian Express, “Our league games are still to get over. As we organized the TNPL, our league cricket is still pending. We have a shortage of grounds now, so we thought we should inform BCCI about this. So we wrote a letter to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and marked a copy to other BCCI staff members including MV Sridhar and Ratnakar Shetty. We normally don’t refuse in this manner but already we have had to postpone a number of our league games, which need to be held now,” 

A former BCCI official told the reporters, “As per the BCCI constitution, only secretary, and joint secretary are authorized to convene selection meetings and president’s approval is required after squad selection. That’s the law. You have enough cricket lovers in this country to challenge it. Taking legal recourse (against the selection process) remains an option,” 

Amitabh Choudhary wanted to call together it, as a result; the selection meeting was postponed. As the BCCI joint-secretary had already served nine years in his state association, Jharkhand State Cricket Association, who is disqualified for any post of the state associations as well BCCI, which clarified by the Lodha Committee to Johri.