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Some insights of India's twitter king, Virender Sehwag

By Nilabh Aole -

India's former blasting opener Virender Sehwag has been making into the headlines quite a few times in the recent times due to his witty tweets. He has been entertaining his fans in the same way as he used to do in his playing days just the platform has changed from the cricketing field to twitter. 

Sehwag's tweets are unorthodox and hilarious at the same time. In a recent conversation with Hindustan times, Sehwag said, “I have, in the last six months, made around Rs 30 lakh through my tweets."

Considering some other things, Sehwag also owns schools named Sehwag International School in the heart of his hometown, Najafgar. The school has become famous for providing great sports facilities to their students.

Talking to the Hindustan Times, Sehwag said, “These are all jokes we used to crack with friends and in the dressing room. Once I took to Twitter and shared those jokes, they became a huge hit. My following grew and some of the posts got thousands of retweets. With so many shares, money from sponsors followed.”

Some of the samples of Sehwag's hilarious tweets are: “Haazme ki Goli, Rangon ki Holi, Gujarat me Ghagra Choli Aur Batting mein Virat Kohli Poore India ko pasand hai #HappyBirthdayVirat @imVkohli.” On Kohli's birthday, he came up with another tweet which read, “8 yrs ago we cud have dedicated this day to eating Chikoo. But today, I think all auto/taxis shud start their Meter frm100 #HappyBirthdayVirat.”

Speaking about his life story, Sehwag said, “When I began my life journey, we’d survive on Rs 500 a month as a family. As time passed and I started playing for the country, this Rs 500 multiplied manifold, but it was not the money that mattered, it was the fact that I was fulfilling my ambition of playing cricket on the highest platform, representing my country. That was more satisfying than anything else.”

It was pretty evident in Sehwag's career that he never chased records. That can be justified with the fact when he fell short of a double century in Australia while trying to hit a ball out of the park batting on 195. Describing that, he said, “I never thought of breaking a record. The only ambition I had was to become the fastest century maker for India, which I did when I broke Azharuddin’s record. If I had planned to score double and triple hundreds, I would probably not have made them ever."

Sehwag concluded by talking about his dedications for his school, he said, “I lose a couple of crores every year on the school, but even if I was to make a profit from it, I would never use it for myself,” he says. “I’d plough every penny back into improving facilities for the school. Just as I do with the cricket academies I run around the country. These are not for making money; for that, I have other avenues."

Nilabh Aole

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