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Virat Kohli says leading India in World Cup would be biggest achievement of his life

By Rashmi Nanda -
The Indian captain Virat Kohli has insisted that to play a World Cup as a captain of India would be the biggest achievement of his life.
After deciding by India’s most successful captain MS Dhoni to step down from the limited overs captaincy from the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli was appointed as the skipper in the shorter formats of the game on Friday.

Kohli told BCCI.tv, "Just hearing about the World Cup gives me goose bumps. I have played one and I have played a couple of T20 World Cups but to play a World Cup as captain of India would be the biggest achievement of my life."

The new skipper also articulated thanks to Dhoni for giving him the opportunity for thinking that he is worthy of taking India's leadership forward. 

Kohli stated, "I feel very grateful that I have been given this opportunity. I am very thankful to MS Dhoni as well for giving me this opportunity for thinking that I am worthy of taking this responsibility forward. I am very grateful for his contribution in the whole process as well. I have learned a lot from him in terms of leadership, in terms of conducting myself how to take the team together," 

He further added, "I didn't realize myself when this transition happened, from starting off as a player just wanting to play for India and now having the responsibility to be captain in all three formats. For every child, it is a dream to just play for the country and this is the biggest day of my life."

The dashing Indian batsman also stated that he was most delighted for Dhoni, who would now able to play free cricket after stepping down captaincy.

Kohli said, "It's a win-win situation for the new captain coming in and having that guy (Dhoni) for advice, for his inputs and for all the cricketing brain that he has. But what I am really happy about and what I am most pleased about is the fact that he will be able to play free cricket. He will be able to express himself as the aggressive MS Dhoni we knew when he came into the team,"

Kohli also said that Mahi would always remain his captain. He added on this, "Obviously, these are massive shoes to fill. When you think of MS Dhoni, the first thing that comes to mind is Captain. For me, he is always going to be my captain because I started my career under him. For me, he will always remain as my captain who gave me ample space and time to grow as a cricketer, who saved me from getting dropped from the team many a time,"

The 28-year old right-handed batsman would play his first series as limited overs skipper in upcoming ODI and T20I series against England, which will start from 15 January.

The newly-appointed skipper said about the responsibilities, "Added responsibility has always worked for me in a sense that there is no room left to be complacent. You have no room to relax. That is why even in IPL, it is very easy to throw my wicket after 60 and 70s but the fact that I push myself after that is because I understand as a captain of the team, I need to set an example and need to first make that kind of effort before asking the team members to do it,"

The Indian Test team has won five consecutive series and has not lost a single Test at home under the captaincy of Kohli after being appointed as full-time Test skipper in August 2015. Virat said that Test cricket captaincy still offers the opportunity to make a comeback into the game.

The test skipper said on this, "I saw an Allan Border interview where he spoke about the leadership of Ricky Ponting. He mentioned that Ponting was able to maintain that consistency rate over such a long period time in a format that doesn't allow you to come back very often. So to stay on top was a remarkable achievement. That is what MS has done for India as well. He has got all the major trophies," 

The newly-appointed skipper stated that shortest formats' captaincy is very difficult, which successfully done by Dhoni. Kohli added, "Captaining in shortest format is very difficult, and to keep coming back in that requires the different set of thinking, requires you to think out of the box, which MS has done wonderfully for so many years. Responsibility makes me the better player, the better person, make me understand the game much more. I think I would be able to execute the plans with much more conviction starting off than the time I started off with Test captaincy,"