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For me, Dhoni will always (be) the captain: Nehra

By Nilabh Aole -

India's veteran pacer, Ashish Nehra is surely one of them who still considers Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Indian skipper. Nehra is going to make a comeback into the T20I squad for India even after losing all the hopes of an international career recall. Speaking during the first practice between India 'A' and England Nehra said Dhoni will always be the skipper for him.

Talking to BCCI.tv, Nehra said, “For me, he will always (be) the captain. Yesterday, I met him after 5-6 months and the first thing, (I asked) was how are you captain?”

Speaking about his and Dhoni's personal relation, Nehra said, “What he has done everybody knows. But more for me, personally, I spent so much time with him in the Chennai Super Kings’ dressing room, people have seen what he has done on the field but he is an amazing guy off the field as well."

Nehra further elaborated that Dhoni had never gone for records and that's why most youngsters look up to Dhoni. He said, “He is not worried about what people say, he is not worried about stats or any records. He just comes, plays and enjoys. He is the same normal guy. He just loves doing things which he does.”

The pacer concluded by talking about Dhoni's on-field tactics, he said, “On the field, he is a great role model for the whole of India and even in the dressing room, any youngsters comes, everybody looks up to him. The way he prepares for the game and his mental strength, which I am always the fan of.”

Nilabh Aole

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