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I think we need a Test World Cup: Dean Jones

By Nilabh Aole -

In the recent times, the International Cricket Council (ICC) have been using terms like "context", "structure" and "relevance" pretty repeatedly as they are finding ways to reshape international cricket. 

After the rejection of the two-tier Test league system, which would include seven squads in the top tier and five in the bottom by the powerful BCCI, the splitting of Test cricket into two conferences has been coined and the board members will surely have a discussion on that at next month's ICC board meeting. These comprehensive ideas have been floating because of the urgent need of energizing international cricket, especially the Test cricket.

Former Australian batsman, Dean Jones, who has also been an outspoken commentator, has been one of an integral part of cricket and has witnessed the transitions of the game from decades. He reckons that the longest form of cricket had hit a crossroad and a World Cup needed to be instituted to give strength to it.

Talking to Cricbuzz, Jones said, "Test cricket is a bit of a pickle...what do these Test series mean? They mean nothing. I think we need a Test World Cup. We need meaning and purpose behind Test cricket. The future tours program will be finished by 2019...2020 we will surely have to have a World T20, so that means a Test World Cup could be held in 2021."

He further conceded, "Five-day (Tests) is way too long, it can't keep people's attention. The game is based around TV, if you don't hold them for four hours then you're in trouble. If you look at all the great sports events around the world, they are built for TV...for four hours. Even the Augusta (golf major tournament), they only show on TV for four hours even though they play all day....they only show the telecast for four hours."

Jones believes that four-day Tests will give a chance to finish the World Cup in a period of just 50 days. He said,"There would be two groups, four-day Tests and (World Cups aside) there would be normal series organized by the boards, like the Ashes. If we have a Test World Cup, pitches will come under the ICC's rules and regulations. (Pitches) can't be manufactured....better pitches have to be prepared. There would not be Bunsen Burners or seaming (pitches). Moderation (of Test cricket) is good, teams should only be playing eight-10 Tests (a year), playing 17 Tests a year is ridiculous."

The 55-year old cricketer concluded by conceding that the Indian market would dictate Test cricket's future he said, "India hated One-Day cricket...hated it and then they won it in 1983 (World Cup) and then they loved it and played it more than anybody else. India hated T20 cricket...all of a sudden they beat Pakistan in the inaugural World T20 (in 2007) and then T20 cricket was away. If the Asian countries don't gravitate towards Test cricket, then we've lost it," he added. "Even if Australia and England love it, we've lost it."

Nilabh Aole

I am genuine cricket fan, who respect the game as well