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That shot from Virat Kohli which went viral

By Nilabh Aole -

Indian captain Virat Kohli who had played a brilliant innings on Sunday night game. His knock helped team India to be on the winning side, even after facing some pathetic situation of 63-4. During his knock, one most memorable shot was the short arm jab that he hit for a six over midwicket despite the fact that the shot looked pretty ordinary. The audience and the commentators were awestruck and wondered how did he manage to do that.

On the bowling of Chris Woakes in the 34th over, Kohli hit the ball with such amusing ease that the commentators were left with dropping and there was a replay telecast several times. During the post-match press conference, Kohli was asked about that shot and he replied, “Yes (surprised myself). Many times (smiling). It has happened a lot. I can recall many moments when I felt like I didn’t do this. I don’t know how it got executed. But I have always spoken to the guys in the change room about the same thing. If you are focused on the goal, on the target you want to achieve, you don’t necessarily need to think too much about the game, in terms of your personal runs or where you stand in the game."

He further elaborated about the shot, he said, “If you are looking at team, team all the time you instinctively end up playing shots or doing things that you don’t quite believe before achieving them. You don’t believe that you are capable of achieving them. Yes, some of the shots, they happen in momentum."

Talking about the execution of this kind of shots, Kohli said, “I really feel that when you are in momentum in cricket that is a very important thing. You are able to play that kind of shots. If you are under pressure you won’t be able to play, it is as simple as that.”

Virat concluded by stating that momentum is the most important thing, he said, "Yes sometimes you feel ‘wow, how did that happen’. It is pretty evident with any batsman in the world. You can ask anyone. They pull off a few shots and then they will be like ‘How did I do that? It is just one of those things with all international batsmen. Once you get momentum, you can do things which you don’t quite feel you are able to do but it happens."

Nilabh Aole

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