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Wood will make a comeback with different action and shoes

By Aditya Pratap Arya -

England’s fast bowler Mark Wood is set to return to the International cricket after undergoing surgery on his ankle. He will wear special shoes to avoid injuries in his ankle.  He was left out for the series against Bangladesh and India as he had to heal his injured ankle. It was the third surgery on his ankle which happened in October.

27-year-old used to bowl with a springy action and thus puts a lot of pressure on his joints while delivering the ball. Now, he will use protective cushions in his shoes to reduce the chances of any further injury. He said, “They want to keep the stability of a strong bowling boot but the one they manufacture at the minute is too hard for me on the outside, so it doesn't provide any give.”

Durham will start the practice at Potchefstroom in South Africa, where a bowling camp will be held by England Lions from 26 January. He is looking to change his bowling action, which can also help him to prevent the unforced injuries in his leg. This all process will go under the guidance of England and Wales Cricket Board’s Kevin Shine. Wood said that he was trying to not come across his front hip as much as he used to when he releases the ball.

Right-arm fast bowler said "People have said you need to change your action but, if I change my action, I will just end up with a bad knee or a bad back. I have one bad joint because of the way I splay [my feet]. Basically, my left hip and back foot are the two areas I am working on. I got a little bit crossed over during the season and that led to the problem with the broken ankle. I'm working on not coming across my front hip so much.”

"I am only off a half-run at the moment but I am just starting to put a bit of intensity into things, and if I am bowling at 60-70%, I am letting go of the ball at 60-70% as well, which is a good sign. I have now got a good chunk of time to make sure I get the training in so my action is as solid as a rock, just like it was when I made my debut for England," he further added.

In his short International career, he grabbed eyes for his accuracy and consistently 140kmph deliveries. He made his debut in all three formats in 2015 before the Ashes. Wood is looking quite promising for the ‘Three Lions’ and can play the role their spearhead after Jimmy Anderson.

Aditya Pratap Arya

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