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BCCI officials welcome Supreme Court verdict!

By Rashmi Nanda -
The statement from Supreme Court stated that people who are going through cumulative tenure of 18 years in the BCCI and state cricket associations, they are eligible to be elected as office bearers subject to a cooling off period, which was welcomed by several senior officials which include those, whose administrative careers got a lease of life.

The three-member Supreme Court bench said that the July 18 order of the Apex Court based on the Lodha Committee suggestion about the cumulative period will be 18 years (9 yrs in BCCI + 9 yrs in state association).

Niranjan Shah, Saurashtra veteran told PTI, “Obviously, the rectification of the cumulative period to earlier 18 years is a welcome move. The BCCI has never opposed to the Lodha reforms. We only had issues regarding age cap of 70 years, one state one vote and the cooling off period. How can you give Nagaland voting right and not have 41-time Ranji champions Mumbai as a voter.”

Former Indian cricketer and administrator Dilip Vengsarkar will have to go into a ‘cooling off’ period, welcomed Supreme Court’s move and said that at least he might get a chance to become an office-bearer in BCCI in future.

He added, “Former cricketers can do a lot for cricket administration with their years of experience. I welcome this move. Whether I can be an office bearer in BCCI in future does not depend on me but I am always available to serve Indian cricket.” 

Kashi Viswanathan, former Tamil Nadu Cricket Association said that he did not want to take any pot of BCCI. He stated, “I am not 70 but let me tell you that I am done with cricket administration. I am not going to make a comeback in BCCI.”
Former DDCA vice-president and former Indian opener Chetan Chauhan stated, “I’m happy for all those who get a lifeline. It doesn’t matter to me as I will soon be 70 years but happy for all those who will still have 9 years or some years left. Frankly speaking, 18 years is also a bit too much. 15 years would have been great.”

CAB treasurer Biswarup Dey, who has been an India team manager on Australia tour and joint secretary Subir Ganguly will have to go into compulsory cooling off. Dey said, “At least my administrative career is not finished. I still have nine years in BCCI and after cooling off, my administrative career will resume.”
Joint secretary Subir Ganguly stated, “At least now there is some elbow room for us.”