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Ishant Sharma reveals his first meeting with wife Pratima Singh

Ishant’s wife believes Basketball is a much tougher sport than Cricket

By Salman Anjum -

Ishant and Pratima are India’s most famous sports’ couple. | Getty

The Cricket-Basketball sporting couple, Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh are adored by many in the country. In terms of popularity, the couple is right up there with Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal (Indian squash player). While Dipika with the passage of time grow in love with cricket, as seen by her numerous appearances during her husband’s IPL matches, Pratima, on the other hand, is still far from convinced that cricket is a tough sport.

Speaking on Vikram Satheya’s popular talk show “What The Duck”, Ishant said, she (Pratima) always reminds him that basketball is a much tougher sport than cricket. At times, Pratima even takes her hubby to the Basketball court to prove how physical Basketball can get unlike a non-contact sport like Cricket. The 28-year-old lanky fast bowler also mentioned that he met Pratima at a local basketball tournament which was being organised by his friend and Pratima’s sister.

Having made his way to the stadium as chief guest, Ishant was rather surprised to see the scorer on the day. However, very soon Ishant got to know that it was only because of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, Pratima was not in action on the court and was instead deputising as the scorer.

Not knowing the reality, Ishant joked to his friend that the scorers were quite pretty here unlike the ones he normally sees on cricket grounds. Nonetheless, Ishant’s friend quickly corrected him and even though he tried to initiate a conversation with Pratima soon enough, it was only after a lot of forethought that the two of them started to interact freely and started understanding each other. In fact, Ishant disclosed that it took Pratima two years to even accept his friend request on Facebook.

Salman Anjum

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