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FakeFBWall: MCC announced new rules in cricket, Ex-cricketers and current cricketers reacted on it


By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

New rules in cricket has been introduced by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Under which, Umpires will have the authority to send players off for serious breaches of behaviour under updated laws of the game which will be used from October 1, 2017, MCC has confirmed. MCC has also laid out the restrictions on bat sizes and there will be an amendment to the run out law to protect a batsman whose bat has bounced in the air once they have crossed the popping crease.

MCC shared this information on Facebook and ex-cricketers and current cricketers reacted to it. Some where happy, but some where disappointed with the restricted bat size. Read what S.Sreesanth and Andrew Flintoff thinks about it. How happy Chris Gayle and Warner are? Read the fake FB wall below.

Sihyeu Prakash Singh

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