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Ricky Ponting defends the new rule by MCC of restricting the cricket bat sizes


By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

The MCC confirmed a new Code of Laws to be introduced in October 2017, with the thickness of bats to be restricted in a bid to "redress the balance between bat and ball" in cricket. The new maximum permitted dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.

The decision was debatable and some were happy, while others were not amused with the new rule.  

Former Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has defended MCC’s decision to reduce bat sizes in cricket, saying it is about finding the "balance between bat and ball."

The changes to the rule regarding bat sizes comes after a recommendation last July from the MCC's World Cricket committee, which includes cricket legends like Ricky Ponting, Kumar Sangakkara, Sourav Ganguly and Rod Marsh.

Speaking to Radio LIVE's Saturday Sport, Ponting said it was about bringing a balance back to the game.

"The overall feeling across the panel is that the balance has gone a little too far in favour of the batsmen," Ponting told Brendon Telfar.

"We have 12 or 14 guys on the panel who talk long and hard about trying to find the balance between bat and ball in the game across all three formats.


"It's not about winding the clock back, we are just worried about where it might have got too. The modern bats most of the guys use will probably fit in within the current limitations."

The decision has not been well received by a number of former players, but the current crop appear to be in favour of the idea, according to Ponting. 

"We consulted manufactures and players; 60 or 70 percent of the players felt the bats had got too big which made the decision easier.

"We asked all the bat companies for their thoughts and opinions on it all, and they felt they could make high-quality bats perform well under those limitations.

Unlike Ricky Ponting, the former kiwi all-rounder Scott Styris is not in favor of this decision he expressed it on Twitter.

"The inmates have taken over the asylum!!! Leave the bats alone," said Styris. 

Former Australian batsman Dean Jones replied saying: "So should we put an Asterisk against batsmen of the past who used illegal bats? #ridiculous".

Ponting slammed Styris over this saying, "The viewer wants to see highly entertaining cricket and that will still happen. I don't think anything will really change.”

"I'm not sure if Scott really thought much about what he has had to say. If he hasn't it is a ridiculous accusation to come out and say.

"We are seeing batsmen now hitting sixes on some of the biggest cricket grounds in the world where the ball hits nowhere near the middle of the bat.

"Let's just see how it goes."