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Shahid Afridi to welcome Ronaldinho in Pakistan

Ronaldinho will be visiting Pakistan in July.

By Nilabh Aole -

Despite the fact that Pakistan is a football loving country, there are a plethora of football lovers as well and Ronaldinho Gaucho’s upcoming visit to the country is like a dream come true for them. The cherry o the top is that several top footballers will accompany him as well.

Last Sunday, Ronaldinho announced his Pakistan visit on his twitter handle, he wrote “Pakistan, I am coming,” along with a video. 

Shahid Afridi was the first to welcome the star football to Pakistan. he tweeted, "- Welcome @10Ronaldinho it is good to see more international sportsmen visiting my beloved country... #football #Pakistan".

On Wednesday, Ronaldinho also tweeted in Portuguese, the translation of his tweet reads: “Happy by the words (of) Shahid Afridi BOOM BOOM cricket hero from Pakistan. I look forward to my visit to Pakistan in July.”

Afridi was quick to come up with a reply he said that was waiting to welcome the legend in Pakistan. Afridi wrote, “@10Ronaldinho Awaiting ur arrival Brazilian superstar and (football legend. Will be a pleasure to show u my (Pakistan). #HopeNotOut".

Ronaldinho has been invited to Pakistan by UK-based Leisure Leagues for a 7-a-side match between Pakistan and rest of world. It has been rumored that David James and Dutch George Boetang willalos will accompany him and mark their attendance at the event.

Nilabh Aole

I am genuine cricket fan, who respect the game as well