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Top Five Batsmen With The Most Sixes In IPL History

Gayle, AB, Kohli, Raina and Rohit

By Bhavesh Bhimani -

The Indian Premiere League is all set to begin early next month. As the devoted fans of the world-renowned championship await the tenth edition of the league to sweep them away, it is a good time to look back at some memorable features of the tourney’s history.

Here, we look at the five best batsmen with the most sixes in the tournament’s history. Those batsmen, who through their sheer ability to crack some colossal sixes regularly have left a permanent imprint in the IPL. Have a look.

5. AB de Villiers - 141 sixes:

The 360-degree man has been an absolute sensation in the IPL and his ability to strike sixes to all corners of the ground and from any position imaginable is what makes him the most dangerous batsman to bowl to. De Villiers has especially come into his own after joining the Royal Challengers Bangalore and continues to win matches from them through his incredible striking abilities. He has struck some towering and monstrous sixes to the best bowlers in the league and never seems to be ruffled. In 120 IPL matches, De Villiers has hit 141 sixes and it won’t be long before he races to the top of this list.