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Headingley might not be hosting any further international matches

Mark Arthur syas, Headingley does not comply with the International Facilities Policy.

By Nilabh Aole -

Chief Executive of Yorkshire Mark Arthur  has given a strange warning that the club might not be able to host major international matches, including Tests unless a financial arrangement to redevelop Headingley is found "within weeks."

Talking about the same, Arthur said, "Gordon Hollins, the chief operating officer of the ECB, has confirmed to us in writing that Headingley does not comply with the International Facilities Policy. Therefore, once the current staging agreement ends in 2019, we will not be considered for Test matches.”

He further added, "This has to be resolved in the very near future or we will have run out if time to complete the stand by the start of the 2019 season. While the Ashes Test is secure, the four World Cup matches in 2019 are not.”

Headingley will host an Ashes Test in 2019 but as a result of that, they might lose the chance to host the four World Cup games currently scheduled for the venue. The venue will not be hosting any international cricket from 2020 onwards without the required development of the stand.

Talking about the development of stands, Arthur said, "Not only is the clock ticking from a financial point of view, the ECB will be allocating international matches from 2020 to 2023 later this year as well as the new city-based T20 host contracts.”

Arthur concluded, "The need to have a new stand has recently taken on greater importance with the introduction of a new T20 city based competition from the year 2020. The hosts cities will be selected on the basis of facilities and catchment. It will be akin to hosting four additional one-day internationals per year and will bring further incremental income to those host grounds and cities."


Nilabh Aole

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