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Indian fielders breached some rules in Ranchi Test

Smith says, there’s always a bit of tension when you’re playing Australia-India in Tests.

By Nilabh Aole -

The Indian fielders have breached one of the most important rules of cricket during the final day’s play at Ranchi. Indian players were constantly chattering and wriggling during the bowler’s run-ups which irritated the umpires and the Australian batsmen to quite an extent. While playing at a professional level a team like India needs to be aware of the cricketing rules aren’t been violated on the field. The players need to maintain silence from the moment a bowler starts their run-up until a batsman completes his shot.

One example of the incident was in the 47th over when Umesh Yadav running into bowl and Shaun Marsh pulled out because of the consistent interference. The second example is of the 29th over when Matt Renshaw nullified Ishant Sharma’s run-up, the incident triggered the anger inside the pacer and come up with some bitter words with the batsman before the situation was brought under control.

Aussie captain Steve Smith stated, “Murali Vijay was at mid-wicket and he moved a few steps to his left as the bowler was running in. So that put him off and he’s entitled to back away. I’m not sure what happened with Ishant, he obviously wasn’t overly happy but to be fair he bowled pretty well after that.”

He added, “Whatever it was made him a bit angry and he bowled pretty well the couple of overs after that”.

According to Smith, both the teams didn’t cross the line and that helped the game run smoothly. He said, “There’s always a bit of tension when you’re playing Australia-India in Test matches. It’s being played in the right spirit out on the field and it’s a hard and tough grind. No issues with that.”



Nilabh Aole

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