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IPL 2017: Hyderabad to host inaugural match and opening ceremony

HCA Secretary, K. John Manoj says IPL inaugural in city on April 5

By Rashmi Nanda -

Hyderabad Cricket Association Secretary K. John Manoj insisted that the inaugural ceremony and the first match of the 10th edition of the Indian Premier League will be held at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

Mr. John Manoj refused all speculation about the possibility of a change in the Venue due to the ongoing strike of the Uppal Stadium maintenance staff and the severe financial crisis that HCA is facing. He repeated that the Board of Control for Cricket in India has been continuously in contact with him on a daily basis about the IPL preparations.

HCA Secretary pointed out, “They are aware of the ground staff strike and also working out a way to clear their salaries. The big problem is that since spending of revenue amount raised through hosting the Test match is subjudice, we are waiting for a final order from the Court. The ₹ 1.4 crore advertisement revenue raised during the Bangladesh Test last month here is locked in the bank because of this.”

He also said that every aspect is being taken care of in respect of the operation of the IPL. But there was a big problem of fund release as there is a tripartite agreement among the BCCI, the State Associations, and the IPL franchisees. However, almost even this problem has been solved as the franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad is ready to pay the amount for the home games.

Mr. John Manoj explained, “We were told by the BCCI that they would be able to release the money later and in the meanwhile, the franchisee (in this case Sunrisers Hyderabad) will pay ₹ 30 lakh each for the home games (totaling about ₹ 2.10 crore) for letting out the venue.”

The HCA official also said that they had a discussion with the ground staff and hopes that they will take an amicable solution in the next couple of days with the help of in-charge president Narender Goud.

He further added, “And, let me tell you that for the first time at least 60% of the IPL related works are over well in advance than was the case in earlier editions. We had another round of discussion with the ground staff and impressed upon them on the need for being involved in the IPL preparations. Apparently, summoning outsiders’ services is the last thing we do.”

There is an official, who involved in the arrangements of the SRH, also refused the suggestion of shifting the opening and the first IPL match from Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.  He added, “We have already finished the branding of the venue. The only work related to IPL is the maintenance of the playing area and the pitch. Even that we are told will take a week’s time to put the venue in perfect condition.”