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Australian media added fuel to fire by comparing Virat Kohli to Donald Trump

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

Well, at least Australian media think he is the president and leading the most powerful country (team).
Australian news daily The Daily Telegraph in an article compared the Indian cricket captain to US President Donald Trump, saying that "Kohli has become the Donald Trump of world sport."


Media never disappoints in adding "Masala" in the burning topics. After the on-field mocking games and verbal clashes the Australian media has also decided to add fuel to the ever growing bitterness between the Indian and the Australian cricket camps.


 Kohli's allegations though were shot down by Australian captain Steven Smith, who insisted that they never disrespected Farhart, who himself is an Australia.

 "It was a bit disappointing. I didn't actually do anything. Virat was having a go at me saying I was disrespecting Patrick Farhart. I was probably the exact opposite.

"I think he probably did a pretty terrific job to be able to get Virat back on the field after that shoulder injury.

He's a terrific physio and he obviously does a great job for them," said Smith.

Taking Australian media seriously must be an insult to your seriousness. They were the same who criticized Ranchi pitch even before a single ball being bowled.

 Asked about his take on the spirit of the game, Smith said: "There's always a bit of tension when you're playing India in Test matches. As far I'm concerned it's being played in the right spirit on the field and it's a hard and tough grind. That's how I would explain it and no issues with that."

 Looks like Australians didn’t expect a counter attack from Indians in the verbal battle. Smith was the one who made comment before the series that we will go for sledging if needed. Now getting taste of their own medicine is making them hard to swallow the bitter medicine.

Sihyeu Prakash Singh

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