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Watch: How correct was Virat Kohli on responding back to Ian Healy's comment

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh -

The India vs Australia series saw more clashes off-field than on-field. The statements of former cricketers from both countries made the series more intensive. Ian Healy also made a comment on Virat Kohli, that he is losing respect for him.


"The pressure is starting to tell on (Kohli). I’m losing respect for him. He’s got to be a lot more respectful of his opponents. The stuff he did with Steve Smith was unacceptable." said Ian Healy to Melbourne radio station SEN on 6th march.


Virat Kohli hit back on Ian Healy after the 2nd test. He said, [I’ll lose respect] in his eyes? We’ve got 1.2 billion people in India. One person doesn’t make a difference to my life. And also I think you should go and search on YouTube, when he was given out in Centurion, down the leg side. I heard he said something about me not having good behavior with umpires – I think you all should YouTube that video and I think, yeah, that says it all. Just see that video and next time you ask me the same question."


Kohli was referring to third Test between South Africa and Australia in 1997 at Centurion, which the hosts won by 8 wickets.


Healy was dismissed for a paltry 12 in the second innings and while walking up the stairs towards the dressing room, Healy was seen throwing away his bat and mumbling something.


Later, Healy was also banned for two matches for his unsportsmanlike behavior.


On another occasion the Australian team once again came up with disgusting game play when Healy showed a lack of sportsmanship during a match against West Indies. It happened when Brain Lara was on the crease and as the left-handed batsman came down the track to smash the ball hard he totally misjudged it and was stumped. But that was not before Healy fumbled with the ball as he wasn’t really able to grab the ball but eventually managed to dismantle the wood work behind Lara.


It seemed that Healy missed out on that easy stumping chance but the umpire raised his finger without referring it to the tv umpire. However, replays revealed that Lara had managed to ground his bat.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli found support in an unlikely source after former Australian opener Matthew Hayden praised Kohli for being 'passionate and respectful' towards the game.


"Virat, like I did, always walks the fine line. We are passionate about the game and we believe that the body language, attitude, temperament, discipline and domination are part of our arsenal. Sometimes, they spill over. The key here is respect. The only thing I play the game for is to earn respect from fellow players. I am sure that is exactly the same with Virat as well," said Hayden to the Mumbai Mirror