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John Buchanan says, Smith and Kohli need to learn captaincy skills

Buchanan stated, I think both gentlemen know that they have made errors in leadership.

By Nilabh Aole -

The ongoing Border-Gavaskar trophy has brought the best out of both the teams. While the skill levels shown by cricketers on the field have been flawless still there has been a lot of bitterness between India and Australia.

While Virat Kohli alleged Steve Smith of breaching Decision Review System (DRS) rule in the Bengaluru Test and then Indian skipper was mocked in Ranchi by Glenn Maxwell for his injury. The Australian media have added a spark to this when they labeled Kohli as 'Donald Trump of cricket'.

Former Australian coach John Buchanan had a chat with TOI on Thursday and he believes that both Smith and Kohli need some time to perfect their leadership skills. He said, "Every leader has his or her specific styles. What is more important for team leaders is that they are men of integrity, lead by example in every action and behavior. I think both gentlemen know that they have made errors in leadership if we are analyzing their respective performances in this regard and using 100% as the only acceptable grade.”

He further added, "I think there is little doubt that he is the best captaincy choice for Australia. With the guidance of coach Lehmann, high-performance manager Pat Howard and significant voices around him at various times, his leadership skills are improving.”

Buchanan clearly admitted that he is in favor of DRS, he said, "I am not a supporter of DRS as a means to enhance the adjudication of certain decisions during the course of a game. I think because of its inaccuracies and inadequacies, it can incite unnecessary tensions on-field between captains, teams and between players and umpires.”

The former coach also asserted that the DRS system needs to be looked at thoroughly, he said, "If we are to retain the integrity of the game, then DRS and other decision-making aids need significant review.”

Buchanan concluded by stating that the ongoing series can provide a lesson or two for corporate houses as well. He said, "Businesses can take many lessons from observing sport, and especially cricket. Two of the most important aspects to watch are - how both captains go about harnessing the powers and abilities of each member of their teams. The second (aspect) is how well each leader has been able to keep themselves removed from the emotion of the game, often driven by scoreboard pressures and make decisions consistently throughout the heat of battle.”


Nilabh Aole

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