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Umpire recalls an incident with MS Dhoni

An incident, when MSD lost his cool over an umpiring decision.

By Aditya Pratap Arya -

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a legend for his several achievements on the field. Either it is India or abroad, his fans can be found anywhere. Moreover, he is more than a mentor to his team mates as well.  As his nickname suggests ‘Captain Cool’, he is very calm and compose on the field, no one can guess from his face expression what is going in his mind?

Former Team India skipper is always a team man and he puts his best for team’s success,  He also shows the minimum of experience of umpiring howlers. Indian umpire Sudhir Asnani shared an interesting story which also proved that even umpires can be an MS Dhoni fan.

Sudhir Asnani,has experience of 10 One-Day Internationals, 4 T20Is and 23 IPL fixtures. He explained an incident which happened during an England-India One-Day match at Mohali. On an Ishant Sharma delivery, Indian fielders started to appeal for an LBW when ball kissed Kevin Pietersen’s pad.

He started to explain “As I turned down the appeal, the fielders slumped on the ground.” Dhoni came to Asnani to discuss his decision. “I told him that the ball was missing the off-stump.” Then, Indian captain expressed his displeasure while walking back to his keeping mark. “I was really shaken by his disagreement. As nervousness got better of me, I lost track of the happenings in the game.”

Meanwhile, fourth umpire Anil Chaudhary came out during the drinks break and said “The commentators are praising you. The ball was missing the off-stump.” It helped Asnani to gain his confidence back. Meanwhile, Dhoni heard Anil’s word and came to Asnani and said One plus, Sudhir.” Asnani praised Dhoni’s game spirit and concluded with “I have never seen a captain do this to an umpire in my life.”

This indicates the persona of the Indian legend.

Aditya Pratap Arya

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