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Virat Kohli might not be taking field in Dharamsala

Kohli says, It’s an impact injury hence I need to give more time.

By Nilabh Aole -

Indian captain Virat Kohli stated that he will play the fourth and final test at Dharamsala only if he is 100 per cent fit. He said that the decision will be taken later tonight or tomorrow before the game.

During a press conference on Friday, Virat said, ”Only if I am 100% fit, will I take the field. The fitness rules apply for everyone. I don’t know the magnitude of risk involved, that can be told by the physio. But if I pass the fitness test then I shall take the field.”

He further elaborated, “I did bat in nets. But it’s different from the competition on the field. When you are on the field, you have reactive moments and it is then that the magnitude of your injury comes out. Hence, those things have to be kept in mind. The physio wants to give more time and then we will take a call later tonight or tomorrow before the game.”

Kohli stated that despite the fact that he too had a strong urge to take the field still, he needs to be sensible about taking the call. He said, “I want to push myself to be fit but at times you have to understand where your body stands. It’s an impact injury hence I need to give more time. But as a player as captain, I want to push myself and play tomorrow.”

Indian skipper explained that at this stage the injury might be aggravated on the field. He said, “While batting there is no problem but it is on the field where I have to be careful as there are chances that it might get aggravated. I have taken medication and it needs a few more hours and then we will take a call.”

As the series is leveled at 1-1 the Dharamsala becomes really important for the Indian skipper as it wil decided the result of the series. Talking about the same, Kohli said, "Every match is crucial for me. It's no different; it's a game of cricket. It can be made out to be a certain way, saying it's the most crucial game of my career or captaincy career, but I won't put it that way. I don't see any other game or any other opposition differently. Everyone's really proud and motivated to play for the country, and me playing or not playing shouldn't make so much of a difference to the other ten guys because they have a responsibility to fulfill as well.”

India’s run machine whose bat is rather quite from past few matches said that the other 10 players of the team are well capable of winning it for India. He said, "I've not done anything special so far [in the series], but still the guys have fought it out and that shows why we are the number one team in the world. We have quality players who want to step up given these kinds of opportunities and you know, if that scenario happens, I'm sure everyone's looking at it as probably the game-changing game of their lives. It's how you look at a particular situation. So everyone's looking very optimistic for tomorrow's game regardless."

Talking about the Dharamsala pitch, Kohli concluded, "It has always been very good for the batsmen to get in and get value for their shots. And the bowlers as well, there is a good bounce for the spinners, there is obviously good pace off the wicket for the pacers as well. If you do any discipline well, you can reap rewards on this kind of wicket. I think it's an opportunity for bat and ball both to dominate in different situations in the game. It will certainly test the players to the fullest, but as I said it is a very good cricketing wicket and good cricket should be on display on this wicket."

Nilabh Aole

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