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Yuvraj Singh inaugurates corporate cricket league in Gurugram

Yuvraj says, it's good that all those corporate who like cricket and want to play are getting this p

By Nilabh Aole -

Tau Devi Lal Stadium in  Gurugram has hosted more political rallies and events than sporting events. The stadium has witnessed a completely different scenario when hundreds of fans gathered for a cricket tournament and most of them have come to watch flamboyant cricketer Yuvraj Singh. However, Yuvi wasn’t there to take on the field but for the inauguration of a corporate cricket league to be played all through March and April at the stadium.

The Gurugram District Cricket Association has announced this league which will comprise of ten teams representing different corporate houses from the city. The league will last over the next month. Yuvraj commented on the importance of a cricket league in a corporate city like Gurugram, he said, "This is a city of corporate. A huge population here works in these MNCs and I think after a day of hard work in an office, coming out and playing some sport is important to break the monotony.”

 He further added, "So, it's good that all those corporate who like cricket and want to play are getting this platform. Corporate cricket is a good fit for Gurugram! I just couldn't wait to be here. Phir aap log kehte ho ki main wait karaata hoon, jab ki khud hi time par nahin aate aap sab."

Yuvraj's cancer charity will be supporting the league and the opening match was attended by underprivileged cancer survivors supported by the charity. Explaining the same, Yuvraj said, "When you are undergoing treatment for cancer, it's not easy to get out and have fun because the disease is weighed you down at all the time. So it's good for the kids because they need to get out and forget their worries for some time. This time, they should just enjoy the game. I know how important it is because I have been through this, and back then, I yearned for chances to go out and have fun.”

Yuvraj has started preparing for the upcoming 10th season of the Indian Premier League which is scheduled to start is scheduled to start in a period of a couple of weeks. In this season every IPL franchise will comprise of an English cricketer and Yuvraj some history with English opponents. However, Yuvraj acknowledged that since the time he had smashed six sixes to Broad in Twenty20 World Cup 20007, the bowlers have become more skillful, he said, "I would love to repeat that feat some day, but it's getting tougher every year. The bowlers of today are much more skillful than back then. It's not an easy feat, to begin with, and now, with the variations these new bowlers have, batsmen have their work cut out for them. Yes, batsmen still dominate, but it's becoming almost impossible to repeat that."


Nilabh Aole

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