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IPL 2017: Five fielders with most catches In IPL history

A look at the most safest catchers in the IPL ever.

By Bhavesh Bhimani -

It is that time of the year again when the IPL madness begins. The 10th edition of the tournament is likely to have all the ingredients of great cricketainment. It is now a good time to look back at some memorable features in the tourney’s history.

Here we look at the five most successful fielders in the tournament’s history. These brilliant fielders have left a permanent imprint on the league through their catching. Have a look.

5. 55 catches - Kieron Pollard 

At 6 feet 4 inches in height and a robust frame, Kieron Pollard gives the impression of a fiery pace bowler. But apart from being a dangerous batsman, he has also been an unbelievably good fielder in the IPL. He usually mans the boundaries at different positions and on countless occasions has taken some sensational catches thanks to his reach. Often the ball seems certain to be going for a six and Pollard just jumps and plucks the ball out of thin air. In 106 IPL games, Pollard has taken 55 catches and has cemented his place as one of the greatest fielders in the IPL.

4. 60 catches - Dwayne Bravo

Clearly the most entertaining fielders in the IPL, Dwayne Bravo is a real crowd pleaser and his colorful theatrics and antics make the crowd love him more and more. Bravo usually fields in the midwicket and deep cover regions and has pulled out off some blinders over the years. His celebrations after taking a brilliant catch is usually entertaining. In 106 IPL matches Dwayne Bravo has picked up 60 catches so far.

3. 61 catches -  Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma may not be the fastest one on the field, but he sure does have safe hands. As the captain of the Mumbai Indians, Rohit usually stands in the slips or mid-on and silly mid-on and has picked some wonderful catches in those positions. He makes good use of his height and keeps his eyes on the ball till the last minute. In 142 IPL matches Rohit Sharma has taken 61 catches.

2. 67 catches - AB de Villiers

The best batsman of his generation, AB de Villiers is also an exceptional fielder in the IPL. He knows how to snare unbelievable catches out of thin air and rarely makes any mistakes. He is always calm, focused, super athletic and charges at the ball. His technique as a fielder is incredible and he is especially dangerous for batsmen when he is manning the boundaries. In 120 IPL matches De Villiers has picked up 67 catches.

1. 82 catches - Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is considered as one of India’s best ever fielders and he has managed to leave a permanent imprint on the IPL as well. Raina is not just one of the most productive batsmen in the IPL, he is also league’s most successful fielder. Raina is a kind of fielder who has been placed at countless positions in the field in the IPL depending on the state of the game. From slips to covers to long-on, Raina has taken some exceptional game-changing catches in all positions. In 147 IPL matches Raina has plucked 82 catches and is the best in the tournament by a fair distance.