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India coach Anil Kumble demands massive hike in player’s salary from COA

BCCI had increased player salaries by 200% recently in all formats.

By Jatin Sharma -

Former India captain and current India coach Anil Kumble has demanded a massive 300% hike in the player’s salary. He recently wrote to the Committee of Administrators (COA) suggesting this massive increase and also wrote to give players some share from board’s revenue.

Currently, the board keeps 70% of the total earnings and shares 26% of the remaining 30% of annual revenue that BCCI receives from media rights and other sources with players. Kumble has suggested sharing 26% earning from each individual source of income, rather than the total earnings.

In 2015-16 season, BCCI earned 648 crore rupees and according to Kumble’s calculations, 170 crore rupees out of those should have been shared with players, whereas, only 50 crore were shared with the players. According to Kumble, a total of 354 crore rupees should have been shared with the players, out of the total earning of 1,365 crore rupees that BCCI earned last year.

If Kumble’s suggestions are accepted, the player’s earning could skyrocket to 100 crore per year. BCCI, COA received the said proposal from Anil Kumble during the annual awards night in Bengaluru and after discussion, received a detailed proposal from Kumble later.

BCCI have recently hiked the player salaries by 200% in all formats of the game. 

Jatin Sharma

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