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Hodge questions Kohli’s priority over IPL and Test cricket

Kohli is not playing in Dharamshala Test.

By Aditya Pratap Arya -

No matter what Virat Kohli is doing, Australians find a way to criticise him anyhow. In the first three matches of this series, Australian media was at him for his aggression, his batting failures and his allegations over Smith. Against the odds, Virat Kohli got injured during Ranchi Test and sat out for Dharamshala encounter and Ajinkya Rahane became India’s 33rd Test skipper.

Former Aussie player Brad Hodge came with the reply as he shoots his words over Virat Kohli’s exclusion from this game and said it would be dirty if he didn’t play for India but came out to bat in IPL.

Hodge said “(Because) if you miss one game of Test match cricket and you’re fronting up the next week for RCB versus whoever, at Bangalore, Chinnaswamy Stadium… You’d be pretty dirty if he didn’t front up to a Test match and try and win a valuable series against Australia. You would think that your captain would get out there and get amongst the fight and get in there.”

He was asked whether Kohli is saving himself for IPL, he said to Fox Sports News “It’s happened before. Not just Virat, but there’s many players that have come up to IPL time and … look, we know it’s a cash-rich tournament, there’s some money up for grabs.”

“He gets paid a helluva lot of money – he gets paid a helluva lot of money anyway, so it doesn’t matter – but there are certain players who will limp in to IPL time, to make sure they get there and perform well, because it is an important tournament for everyone around the world,” he further added.

Veteran T20 batsman concluded while hoping that he won’t play against Gujrat Lions and said “You’d hope as a sportsman that he’s seriously injured. I’m hopeful, as a Gujarat Lions coach, that when we play RCB in a couple of weeks that he’s not playing.”

Kohli-led RCB will play their first game on April 5 against defending champion Sunrisers Hyderabad. The match against Gujarat Lions will be played on April 19.

Aditya Pratap Arya

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