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IPL 2017: Top Five Batsmen With The Most Fours

Gambhir, Kohli, Uthappa, Dhawan and Raina feature in this elusive list.

By Bhavesh Bhimani -

Batsmen hitting boundaries is one of the most constant sights in the IPL. But even then when a batsman smacks a delightful boundary off a bowler in a tense situation, it pleases the viewer to no end.

In its nine seasons, the IPL has had countless batsmen who have dominated oppositions purely because of their ability to hit consistent boundaries. Here, we look at the top five batsmen with the most four.

5. 341 Fours - Robin Uthappa (Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Pune Warriors, Royal Challengers Bangalore):

It took Robin Uthappa some time to settle in the IPL but ever since he was made the opener of the Kolkata Knight Riders, he has been truly magnificent. Playing with soft hands and with great control, Uthappa has struck some truly lovely boundaries in the past few seasons. He plays on the up, pulls, drives, cuts and flicks with great effect to get his fours. In 135 IPL matches, Uthappa has already smacked 341 fours and looks good for many more to come.